Hi there!
Hi there! I'm Lowie Naessens, 23 years old. My daily life is full of art, ranging from architecture to music. My work is playful, minimalistic and drenched in the culture around me.
Currently I'm studying Fashion Technology in Ghent, Belgium, where I'm learning everything about product development, pattern making, and the industry in general.
I'm inspired by people who strive to change the current standards. Almost everyday I think about a quote by Bjarke Ingels, a Danish architect, reflecting on his newest body of work, Copenhill, a ski slope on top of a powerplant just outside of the Copenhagen city centre.
"my son is gonna grow up in a world not knowing that there was ever a time when you couldn’t ski on the roof of a powerplant. So imagine for him and his generation, that’s their baseline. imagine how far they can leap, what kind of wild ideas they can put forward for their future."