In september 2022 I started studying "Mode Technologie" at HoGent. Here are some of the projects I've worked on throughout my studies
Let's start at the beginning. We created a jean jacket from old pants that had been discarded by Oxfam and labeled as waste. We took that waste and completely redesigned it into a modern version of the classic "Wrangler" jean jacket. Turning discarded pants into a stylish jacket while minimizing leftover waste was a significant challenge, but I believe we pulled it off quite well. We researched what characterizes a Wrangler jacket, its origins, and the story behind it. What emotions does it evoke? How does it make people feel?
Another important aspect of this project was the focus on business and production. We "founded" our own company, Quarter, by developing a business and financial plan. We analyzed the costs involved and played with the numbers to get a realistic picture of the financial aspects of starting a fashion business. We also looked into the marketing of our product: where do we fit in the market? Who is our target audience? What are they looking for, and most importantly, what are they willing to pay? We delved into our production process, timing every action from disassembling the pants to assembling the jacket. We tried different methods and tempos, identifying and addressing weak links.
For this project, I focused on patternmaking, the website, the business plan, and the overall branding. My tasks were varied, helping in several different stages of the process. It was challenging at times, but I enjoyed it because it helped me keep track of our progress. Our group faced difficulties finding our rhythm and alignment on various issues. I took on more of a managerial role, guiding the group and assisting wherever needed.
This assignment taught me a lot about the practical aspects of fashion and sustainable production, as well as the business side of running a company. It was a challenging but highly educational experience. The production analysis was new to me, and I found it very interesting to explore it in depth.
For this project, we were given the task to create a sustainable product and its surrounding brand. We had carte blanche, meaning we were free to choose every detail, from material to marketing. The challenge: make the product sustainable and ecologically responsible while also offering a fair price. With the idea "waste is food" in mind, we created Athletic Scene, our take at a modern, sustainable and community driven sportswear brand. We started by creating textile files and technical packs and eventually, we designed a full collection ready for production. I myself took care of the full branding and had looooots of fun doing so; from a logos to a website and a lookbook (which is available below). 
For the class 'Mode & Design' I made a micro campaign to raise awareness about the problems with the fashion industry and how the current situation is NOT sustainable at all. 
After having some conversations with a few of my friends I realized that almost none of them knew about the water consumption, toxic chemicals or the insane amount of clothes ending up on garbage piles. All of them are into fashion, buying expensive designer clothes and filling up closet after closet.
To raise awareness I made a little poster that I send out to friends, posted it on my socials and put it in the toilet of my favorite coffee bar (cause that's when people actually have time to read it). Realizing that I can't put all the problems and all the solutions on the poster, I later added a tiny note with some sources of information on there for the curious people. 
Soooo, results. Did I fix the problem? No. Did I raise awareness? Most definitely. I even had a random stranger coming up to me asking about more information! It's not up to me to chance someones buying behavior but I can at least try to tell them about the situation make them understand how we can, little by little, have an impact on the whole industry. I'm happy with the results of this little campaign and it actually made me eager to do more research about it and inspire even more people! :) 
To end my first year in this 3-year course, we had a group project to summarize everything we learned in a ready-to-wear, 5 piece collection. Together with 4 other students, we created a series of tops for a summer collection of a non-existing brand. We looked at our position in the market and what we're bringing to it. We analyzed our competitors and laid out our plans.
My top, inspired by the gowns worn by priests and other religious leaders in medieval times, can be seen in the picture below. Starting from zero, I drafted the pattern, and sew a final sample. This was a really interesting project with many challenging roadblocks ranging from working in group to trying to figure out InDesign.
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